"Empowering community progress through education, economic opportunity''.

About us

"Empowering community progress
through education, economic opportunity''.

Our mission

The Center for Somali Progress is a non-partisan policy institute dedicated to addressing national issues in Somalia through progressive ideas, inclusive dialogue, and the development of effective policy solutions. Our aim is not just to change the society, but to change the country. 

Our vision

“Empowering community progress through education, economic opportunity, health care, housing, family support, youth development, cultural respect, and inclusive integration.” We envision a Somalia where every individual has the opportunity to thrive in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Working Modalities

CSP operates through effective partnerships with government entities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community groups, local governance bodies, and corporate sectors to facilitate the efficient implementation of its programs.

Here Our Team Members

Abdiaziz Ahmed,
Executive Director

Abdiaziz Ahmed is the Executive Director at the Centre for Somali Progress and an economist with over five years of experience in economic research, specializing in GDP analysis and Somalia's economic development. A former Head of the Talent and Development Office Simad student government body, he has a strong background in leadership and community service. His research interests include economic development, monetary economics, and real sector economics. Abdiaziz is an Economic Graduate from Simad University.

Yusuf Omar Sheikh
Deputy Director

Yusuf Omar Sheikh Mohamed,Yusuf Omar Sheikh Mohamed, a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the University of Kordofan, is the founder and Director of Habiib Solar and Power Solution. He leads a team focused on developing sustainable energy solutions to impact the renewable energy sector in Somalia and beyond. With a strong educational background and a passion for innovation, Yusuf is committed to promoting environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in the industry.

Abdullahi Aafi
Director of ICT

Abdullahi Aafi, sh khalif is education specialist over four years of experience in the education and technology, he is a seasoned professional dedicated to driving innovation and policy development in the education and technology sectors. Graduating from the Faculty of Education at Somali National University, Abdullahi has honed a deep understanding of the intersection between education and technology. He is a catalyst for positive change and a key player in ensuring that technology plays a vital role in the future of education.

Ismail Iman
Director Public Relations

Ismail Iman ismail Iman, Director of Public Relations and an economics graduate from SIMAD University, effectively aligns PR strategies with organizational goals. He crafts impactful communications, manages media relations, develops content, and serves as the primary spokesperson to enhance public image. With his economic background, Ismail analyzes the financial impacts of communication strategies. His expertise in communication, strategic planning, and crisis management helps navigate complex media landscapes. Additionally, Ismail mentors his PR team, fostering innovation and adaptability, driving the organization towards its communication and economic objectives.